Harvard: 5 Best Study Spots
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June 19th, 2019
Whether you are moving-in this weekend for Harvard Summer School, an incoming Freshman, or that rising Senior struggling to find the perfect study spot to work on that imminent thesis, this is the definitive guide for you.
  • Smith Campus Center: Recently reopened in the Fall of 2018, Smith is one of the newest study spots on-campus. Equipped with a variety of study spaces including a collaborative commons and an open air garden, this is the ideal spot for group projects and PSETing. If you are looking for something more tranquil, head up to the 10th floor and study whilst looking out over the amazing views of Cambridge and the Charles River. When hunger, exhaustion or even hangriness begins to set in, head down to the first floor for tastes from around the world including a coffee house, a boutique donut shop, Asian cuisine, a Swiss patisserie, and many more.

  • Cabot Science Library: It will not take long for you to eventually learn what the Science Center is. The site of numerous introductory lecture courses, office hours, and final exams. The jewel in the Science Center’s crown is Cabot library, a modern study space with collaborative and singular work spots. In the basement there are many classrooms that can be reserved for private grinding sessions.

  • Tatte: Ever wondered once you arrive at Harvard for the summer how you are going to find the perfect Insta aesthetic to brag to your friends that you are studying at the greatest institution on Earth for the next 8 weeks. Look no further than the daily study spot of the bougie and the wannabe student social media influencer. Keep your study grind in a perpetual sense of caffeination whilst absorbing the picturesque atmosphere of the 1%, just make sure you spend more time actually working than what filter to apply to that snap. 

  • Lamont Library: Too intimidated by the deafening silence and vaulted ceilings of Widener? Don’t worry I was too when I also managed to get lost in the stacks during the Spring semester. As most students have had at least one traumatic experience in Widener, this means many flock nightly to Lamont library to grind out last minute work and assignments. You can also get daily entertainment from the ‘Lamonsters’, students who spend countless days sleeping and eating in the library, just be careful not to end up becoming one of them.

  • Widener Library: It’s difficult to recommend a study space after attacking its utility in the previous ranking; however, to insult Widener library just screams taking what Harvard has to offer for granted. As soon as you enter you will be left in awe by the grandeur and enormity of the architecture, including the period reading room of the building’s namesake Harry Elkins Widener. Also getting lost in the stacks can actually be a good thing, they are a great way to escape from the numerous, amazing distractions on campus when the eventual grind beckons.

Want an example of what these study spots look like in the flesh?

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